Saturday, January 30, 2010

ASTD 2010 TechKnowledge - Full Twitter Transcripts - Days 2 & 3

ASTD 2010 TechKnowledge has now come to a close, but it doesn't mean you missed all the fun!

I've captured the Twitter discussions in two transcripts:
  • Day 1 (January 27th) - found here
  • Days 2 & 3 (January 28-29) - posted below
Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) candidates & those certified - Learning Technologies transcend every Area of Expertise in the ASTD WLP Competency Model!

Below is the Twitter transcript. Use the >> at the top right to view full screen. Hyperlinks appear hot, but they're not. Use the Text Select tool to copy & paste into the browser.

Please Note: This content has not been edited; it is presented in its entirety in its original form. All comments made by the original sources are their own, and not necessarily aligned to my views, or my company's - Owl's Ledge.

Read at your own risk.

I invite you to comment below! What did you learn at ASTD TK10? or what did you discover in the transcripts below?

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC
Twitter: @trishuhl | @cplpcoach

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ASTD TechKnowledge - Twitter Transcript # 1 (1/26 to 1/27)

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge conference is in full swing - happening right now! - in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some of my very favourite learning & performance professionals are attending and/or presenting and I am thrilled to track their experiences and their AHA! moments by tuning into the Twitterverse.

I thought others who - like me - are unable to attend in person might benefit from following the Twitterstream as well, so I've compiled a transcript of the #TK10 tweets from the first day of the conference. The transcript is made available below.

Given that technology is one of the major trends impacting the learning & performance profession (globalization and leadership are two others), I find the presentations and the richness of discussion happening at ASTD TechKnowledge to be critical to the Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) community - whether you're a CPLP candidate working on mastering the credentialing program, or a CPLP continuing your own professional development and curious about the rapid evolution of learning technologies.

We have amazing opportunities before us as we strive to identify & meet the needs of the 21st century workforce!

As Yogi Berra said:

"The future ain't what it used to be."
Below is the Twitter transcript. Use the >> at the top right to view full screen. Hyperlinks appear hot, but they're not. Use the Text Select tool to copy & paste into the browser.

Please Note: This content has not been edited; it is presented in its entirety in its original form. All comments made by the original sources are their own, and not necessarily aligned to my views, or my company's - Owl's Ledge.

Read at your own risk.

My hope is that you learn LOTS and are inspired to positive action!

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC
Twitter: @trishuhl | @cplpcoach

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#cplpchat Transcript from January 20, 2010

Hello, all -

Just a word about the nutty timestamps listed below - we print our transcripts from WhatTheHashtag! and it looks like their server times were off!

Trust me - we weren't chatting into the wee hours of the morning. ;-)

#cplpchat runs from every other Wednesday from 8:30pm EST to 10:00pm EST.

Our next schedule realtime chat is February 3rd, 2010. Join us!

Transcript from January 20, 2010

12:56 am larrystraining: RT @trishuhl: TONIGHT Next #cplpchat 1/20 @ 8:30pm EST-1/6/10 transcript posted: All welcome to attend! #ASTD #cplpchat

1:25 am trishuhl: 5 minutes to #cplpchat #ASTD #CPLP #cplpchat

1:29 am KelvinJM: Testing #cplpchat

1:29 am trishuhl: Join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice. >1 minute to start - All welcome! #cplpchat

1:30 am trishuhl: @KelvinJM Tah-dah! :-) #cplpchat

1:30 am trishuhl: Welcome everyone to #cplpchat! I'm @trishuhl - tonight's moderator - signing in from Chicago! #cplpchat

1:30 am trishuhl: Rules for #cplpchat: 1) Introduce yourself. (We do this again at the end). Are you #CPLP certified? Location? Focus? Fave topics? #cplpchat

1:31 am trishuhl: 2) [try to] stay on the #cplpchat topic by answering the questions. If you can, include Q# in related responses. #cplpchat

1:31 am larrystraining: Larry Straining, CPLP, Tulsa OK, Technology and E-Learning #cplpchat

1:31 am trishuhl: ) When writing, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. #cplpchat

1:32 am larrystraining: Trish, before we start, I want you to know how jealous I am that you got to see Mr Izzard live. #cplpchat

1:32 am trishuhl: Intro:Trish Uhl, #PMP, #CPLP (since '06) in Chicago Focus: advancing the learning profession & building community Fav topics: AOE3 #cplpchat

1:33 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Quite a performer! He's heading to Dallas - BTW - he displays the Twitterstream live at his concerts @eddieizzard #cplpchat

1:34 am KelvinJM: I am M.E. Majeske, Not cplp certified. Loc = Fort Worth, Tx. I'm a trainer by happenstance/necessity. #CPLPchat

1:34 am trishuhl: Tonight's topic: #CPLP tricks, traps & tips #cplpchat

1:35 am trishuhl: @KelvinJM Hi M.E.! So - a SME-turned-trainer - an "accidental" trainer #cplpchat

1:36 am KelvinJM: SME in legal software (specialty legal software applications) #CPLPchat

1:37 am SuzNet: Hi, Suzanne Choma from Genesee Valley Chapter, Rochester, NY #cplpchat

1:38 am trishuhl: To recap -last session (1/6) we shared #ASTD #CPLP tips -we discussed connecting candidates to each other, to resources & to CPLPs #cplpchat

1:38 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Hi Suzanne! Happy New Year! #cplpchat

1:39 am trishuhl: Last session we also discussed tips for the #CPLP Knowledge Exam - but didn't get into much about Phase II:Work Product submission #cplpchat

1:39 am SuzNet: @trishuhl Happy 2010 to you too Trish! #cplpchat

1:40 am flipchartjason: Hi everyone, Jason Gardner CPLP from very soggy Las Vegas. #cplpchat

1:40 am trishuhl: #CPLP candidates have hit the ground in 2010 running - getting ready to submit Work Product on or before March 4th #cplpchat

1:41 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Hi Jason! Greetings from very icey Chicago! #cplpchat

1:42 am flipchartjason: So tonight is going to focus on work product then? #cplpchat

1:42 am trishuhl: First question for tonight: #1a) #Candidates - what questions do you have for the CPLPs? #1b) CPLPs what WP tricks can u share? #cplpchat

1:42 am SuzNet: @flipchartjason it's just cold here in Upstate NY; we get Chicago weather about 24 hours later #cplpchat

1:43 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Yes - but I wouldn't exclude Knowledge Exam! #cplpchat

1:43 am flipchartjason: @suznet Our rain becomes your snow #cplpchat

1:43 am flipchartjason: Never forget Knowledge Exam! #cplpchat

1:44 am SuzNet: WP -- Study the rubrics to understand what's expected of you. Be detailed and clear in your responses to questions. #cplpchat

1:44 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason LOL It's a rite of passage, isn't it? #cplpchat

1:45 am flipchartjason: WP tip--follow the guidelines to a T e.g. your Delivering Training video is 20 mins max. Don't tempt fate by pushing limits. #cplpchat

1:45 am trishuhl: #1b: NEW: The ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) posted sample Work Product submissions to the Candidate Bulletin (Dec '09) #cplpchat

1:46 am KelvinJM: How long did your wp submission preparation take? #cplpchat

1:47 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Can you provide a bit more detail for each? e.g. What rubric? where? How to be "detailed" and "clear" #cplpchat

1:47 am larrystraining: Q1b) Make sure you are answering the question being asked. Read and re-read, answer and re-answer. #cplpchat

1:47 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Agreed. Pushing limits - e.g. submitting a video longer than 20 mins - can get you disqualified or auto failure #cplpchat

1:48 am larrystraining: Q1b) I have noticed very good answers, however, it didn't address the exact question. #cplpchat

1:48 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Agreed - ensure your response answers *the question* #cplpchat

1:48 am SuzNet: @flipchartjason true, as long as we have the cold air to freeze it. It hit 40 here last weekend, so things got soggy! #cplpchat

1:48 am trishuhl: RT @larrystraining: Q1b) I have noticed very good answers, however, it didn't address the exact question. // YES! Don't do that! #cplpchat

1:49 am flipchartjason: @larrystraining Indeed and cover the points of both the WP and the KAs that will get you a 3 #cplpchat

1:50 am trishuhl: @KelvinJM How long? Mine's kind of an anomoly; we spent decades during the Pilot working on ours ;-) Basic guide: min 30 HOURS #cplpchat

1:50 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason What's a "3" Jason? #cplpchat

1:52 am trishuhl: @SuzNet 40 degrees here over the weekend too! Nuts! Felt like driving with the sunroof open! #cplpchat

1:52 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl Thanks for reminding me to clarify - the max score you can get in the corresponding are on the WP - a 12 is now perfect #cplpchat

1:53 am SuzNet: @trishuhl There is a scoring rubric that the evaluators use to rate each WP question, which provides detail at each level #cplpchat

1:53 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Yes, thanks. WP is rated 0-3 Where 0 in any component is an auto failure and a 3 is the highest = Outstanding #cplpchat

1:54 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Jason - where can #CPLP candidates go to read about how WP is rated in detail? #cplpchat

1:54 am flipchartjason: #1b Become appropriately intimate with the corresponding chapter of the Candidate Bulletin b4 you start your project #cplpchat

1:54 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Do #CPLP candidates have access to the rubric? #cplpchat

1:54 am trishuhl: 1b: BTW - the sample #CPLP Work Products are listed in Appendix D on the ASTD CI Web site: #cplpchat

1:55 am larrystraining: Q1b) Don't focus on the 3 column to the exclusion of the 1 and 2 columns. They need to be addressed as well. #cplpchat

1:55 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl They can start here: #cplpchat

1:55 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Agreed All #CPLP candidates - regardless of AOE - should also read chapters 1, 2, 10 & 11 #cplpchat

1:56 am SuzNet: @trishuhl Yes it should be in the bulletin in the work product section for the specific AOE being addressed #cplpchat

1:56 am trishuhl: 1b: A scoring guide is listed in each WP chapter in the Candidate Bulletin. Each AOE has its own chapter and scoring guide #cplpchat

1:56 am flipchartjason: @larrystraining Great point! Be inclusive of all requirements in your WP for success. #cplpchat

1:57 am trishuhl: 1b: The scoring guide lists examples of what's required for a 1 (Limited), 2 (Satisfactory), 3 (Outstanding) #cplpchat

1:58 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Agreed - to achieve a 3, it means you addresses what's in the scoring guide for scoring a 1 & 2 #cplpchat

1:59 am trishuhl: Those watching are welcome to join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice! #cplpchat

1:59 am trishuhl: Q2) What are some #CPLP Work Product traps? #cplpchat

1:59 am larrystraining: RT @trishuhl: 1b: 1 (Limited), 2 (Satisfactory), 3 (Outstanding) 1 means you only did 1, 2 means you did 1&2, 3 is 1,2&3. #cplpchat

2:00 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Good summary, Larry - thanks! #cplpchat

2:01 am flipchartjason: @KelvinJM I started planning in late November for a March 3 submission. #cplpchat

2:02 am SuzNet: Q2 Pitfalls I have heard about -- not following directions; not addressing the question; not annotating documentation #cplpchat

2:03 am trishuhl: #2: Trap = selecting the wrong project to submit as your Work Product #cplpchat

2:04 am larrystraining: Q2) Time management. You need to spend time reviewing and re-writing. #cplpchat

2:04 am trishuhl: #2:Wrong= don't have the evidence required, can't articulate what u did, or don't have evidence to support your essay responses #cplpchat

2:04 am KelvinJM: @trishuhl Q2 - what would be good criteria to choose project? #CPLPchat

2:05 am flipchartjason: Q2) Not having a plan B when plan A gets convoluted #cplpchat

2:06 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Agreed. An example: Chapter 10 @ packaging requirements #CPLP candidates canbe unsuccessful if don't follow instructns #cplpchat

2:06 am larrystraining: Q2) Doing a project but answering the questions from a different point of view. If you do delivering training answer that way. #cplpchat

2:06 am trishuhl: @larrystraining It's an iterative process, isn't it? Most #CPLP candidates work on it over time, rather than try in 1 sitting #cplpchat

2:06 am SuzNet: Q2- trap ... not having a trusted peer review your submission for feedback & catching grammar/spelling mistakes #cplpchat

2:07 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason How so Jason? #cplpchat

2:07 am trishuhl: @larrystraining And sloppy submissions - including grammatical errors, bad punctuation, spelling mistakes, etc affects your score #cplpchat

2:08 am trishuhl: @larrystraining How so, Larry? #cplpchat

2:09 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Good point, Suzanne - peer review, even just having someone proofread, is good practice! #cplpchat

2:09 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl Having your delivery session moved/altered/postponed, losing key stakeholders and having to regroup all affect outcome #cplpchat

2:09 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason How so, Jason? #cplpchat

2:09 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl Failure to plan ahead can ruin your WP. Overcoming it can help your WP. #cplpchat

2:09 am larrystraining: Q2) If you are doing designing learning don't reply to the questions from a knolwedge management view point. #cplpchat

2:10 am trishuhl: @KelvinJM Good criteria for project selection = one you can articulate and provide evidence for #cplpchat

2:10 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Especially for an AOE like Delivering Training - where you need to be strategic in capturing the 20 min recording! #cplpchat

2:10 am SuzNet: @trishuhl yes yes! It helps from a project mgmt standpoint to schedule time to work on WP just like you would a client project #cplpchat

2:10 am larrystraining: Q2) If you are delivering training don't answer from a designing learning standpoint. #cplpchat

2:11 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Agreed. I recommend reviewing the #ASTD WLP Competency Model e.g. Appendix C - what is required of your AOE? #cplpchat

2:12 am trishuhl: @SuzNet And takes the same kind of focus and "headspace" as prepping for the #CPLP Knowledge Exam #cplpchat

2:13 am trishuhl: Q2: Other #CPLP Work Product submission traps? #cplpchat

2:15 am trishuhl: BTW - we are 45 minutes into the chat - another 45 minutes to go. We end tonight at 10:00pm EST / 9:00pm CST #cplpchat

2:16 am SuzNet: Q2 - trap of not allowing yourself enough time to carefully review everything before it's sent off, haste can create great waste #cplpchat

2:16 am trishuhl: Join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice. #cplpchat

2:17 am SuzNet: Q2 -- if you don't pass the WP "exam" you have to submit a whole new WP the second time around; no second chances #cplpchat

2:18 am trishuhl: Q2: Traps=not reading Candidate Bulletin, not following instructions, selecting wrong proj to submit, sloppiness, nt allowing time #cplpchat

2:18 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Yes - failing the Work Product means submitting an entirely new project AND paying retest fees - currently $350.00 USD #cplpchat

2:19 am trishuhl: Q2: Traps: Waiting until last minute, not leveraging your peers, submitting more than is asked for, answering from the wrong lens #cplpchat

2:20 am flipchartjason: Q2: In conversations we've discovered using org lingo in the submission created ambiguity b/c it wasn't clearly explained #cplpchat

2:21 am trishuhl: Q #3) Any tips or questions re: specific #CPLP Work Product Areas of Expertise (AOE)? #cplpchat

2:21 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason YES! Don't use institutional or professional jargon! INCLUDING a lot of needless learning & performance jargon #cplpchat

2:22 am larrystraining: Q2) Make sure there are no company specific logos, mentions etc in your WP. #cplpchat

2:23 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Yes! Remove all identification electronically or with a Sharpie to the hardcopy. Blackout on hardcopy = good #cplpchat

2:24 am flipchartjason: Q2 And be careful of 50 cent words and/or references that are irrelevant/unsubstantiated. Keep it clear, concise, organized. #cplpchat

2:25 am larrystraining: @flipchartjason Yes K.I.S.S. works for the work product. #cplpchat

2:26 am trishuhl: Q3: AOE tips: Be strategic. Plan your #CPLP Work Product submission approach. Gather lots of evidence, then weed out not needed #cplpchat

2:27 am trishuhl: Q3: Make sure you have the latest #CPLP Candidate Bulletin (Dec 2009). Make sure your sample is <3 years old. #cplpchat

2:28 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason - which AOE did you submit for? How were you strategic in your approach? #cplpchat

2:28 am SuzNet: Q3 -- Review the submission criteria & scoring guideline for the AOEs u r considering 1st, then think about projects that fit #cplpchat

2:28 am KelvinJM: @larrystraining K.I.S.S. ? #CPLPchat

2:29 am trishuhl: @SuzNet - which AOE did you submit for? How were you strategic in your approach? #cplpchat

2:29 am trishuhl: @larrystraining - which AOE did you submit for? How were you strategic in your approach? #cplpchat

2:29 am larrystraining: Q3) Make sure you test your video/dvd on several pieces of equipment. They will not try to view it more than twice. #cplpchat

2:31 am flipchartjason: AOE 3 Del Train worked with an org to design/deliver for them that also met Cand Bulletin criteria. Plan/execute/final took 3.5 mo #cplpchat

2:31 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Note: Video/DVD is only applicable to AOE Delivering Training. That being said - all Designing has to be hardcopy #cplpchat

2:32 am trishuhl: Not only have to submit the "right" evidence, have to submit it in the required format (e.g. digital, hardcopy, etc) #cplpchat

2:32 am flipchartjason: Had to make course corrections as in real life and doc'd it in submission along with req'd paperwork. #cplpchat

2:32 am SuzNet: Q3 - Once u have narrowed the scope to 2 or 3 acceptable projects, do a deeper dive against the criteria & pick 1 with best data #cplpchat

2:32 am larrystraining: @KelvinJM Keep It Short & Simple. Answer the questions but don't use lots of filler. #cplpchat

2:33 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Best data, best required evidence, best supporting evidence, one you can articulate - all evidence in required format #cplpchat

2:34 am flipchartjason: @larrystraining Indeed and no more than 3 stops (not edits) allowed to gather all requirements for Del Train - know your criteria! #cplpchat

2:34 am trishuhl: Is ASTD CI looking for a perfect project? or for all learning pros to be doing ROI? #cplpchat

2:34 am larrystraining: I did Delivering Training. I knew that I was recording my presentation and designed it in advanced around the WP criteria. #cplpchat

2:35 am SuzNet: @trishuhl Designing Learning - I used the decision process just described to pick, + the project that reqd fewest signatures #cplpchat

2:36 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Ah! Signatures! All AOEs have release forms. Delivering Training need signed release from all attendees #cplpchat

2:37 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl Is there such a thing as the perfect project? #cplpchat

2:38 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason Makes a high C twitch, doesn't it? ;-) #cplpchat

2:40 am SuzNet: @trishuhl hope not; no such thing as perfection;they should be looking for critical thinking, prob solving, app of best practices #cplpchat

2:40 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl Indeed it does. @suznet said it best. #cplpchat

2:41 am larrystraining: Q3) Don't forget about the stakeholders. Who is sponsoring your product and why is important to the final product. #cplpchat

2:41 am SuzNet: @trishuhl for all projects sigs/releases are required from collaborators too #cplpchat

2:42 am trishuhl: @flipchartjason @SuzNet Agreed - no perfect project. No expectation all doing ROI. Expect that what level you are at done well #cplpchat

2:43 am trishuhl: @SuzNet Yes, thanks - sigs/releases from sponsors (all AOEs) and collaborators, if original project was team effort #cplpchat

2:44 am flipchartjason: Goes back to picking an AOE that sets you up for success. #cplpchat

2:45 am trishuhl: 15 minutes to go... Share some #CPLP resources with us - #ASTD chapters? #cplpchat

2:46 am SuzNet: @larrystraining Ah yes, the people who provide the funding, support, and help navigate the political landscape #cplpchat

2:46 am trishuhl: Chicagoland Chapter #ASTD (#CCASTD) - Director of CPLP hosts #CPLP related programs - visit site #cplpchat

2:46 am trishuhl: Looking for #ASTD announcements too - @flipchartjason - you have a BIG event coming up #cplpchat

2:48 am larrystraining: @neokastd has a #CPLP study group, we welcome anyone interested in learning more about the certification or currently in process. #cplpchat

2:48 am flipchartjason: #ASTDLV will be starting a spring/summer study group soon. We've sat at least one successful cand each time we've had a group. #cplpchat

2:50 am flipchartjason: Well our last group one passed the Know Exam and is working on submitting her work product - she'll pass :) #cplpchat

2:50 am trishuhl: #ASTD International Conference & Exposition (ASTD ICE) here in #Chicago May 16-19, 2010 8,000+ attendees @ McCormick Place #ASTD10 #cplpchat

2:52 am trishuhl: Dan Pink is the #ASTD10 opening keynote. His "Drive" book tour goes to St Louis 1/21, Dallas 1/22, London UK 1/27 @danielpink #cplpchat

2:52 am trishuhl: #CPLP candidates find your local #ASTD chapter for certification related resources: #cplpchat

2:53 am larrystraining: Don't be afraid to ask for help in the LinkedIn groups, or at your chapter or here. We want more CPLP collegues. #cplpchat

2:54 am trishuhl: For those interested, we are working on #Chicago Tweetups for #ASTD ICE #ASTD10 #cplpchat

2:55 am trishuhl: #ASTD TechKnowledge #TK10 is next week in Las Vegas - 1/28 to 1/30 - get a chance to meet @flipchartjason face2face :) #cplpchat

2:55 am trishuhl: @larrystraining Yes, the LinkedIn groups are pretty active with #CPLP candidates! Larry-can you recommend which ones to check out? #cplpchat

2:55 am SuzNet: @larrystraining I have gotten some great value from the Linked In groups, eg advice on design issues & getting connected #cplpchat

2:56 am trishuhl: 5 minutes to close - ready for closing comments & closing introductions? #cplpchat

2:57 am flipchartjason: @trishuhl Yes we'll have a table at the Expo or DM me and we can have coffee! #cplpchat

2:57 am SuzNet: @trishuhl ready, when's the next cplp chat? #cplpchat

2:57 am trishuhl: We'll post a transcript of tonight's chat and tweet the link, when available. Next chat is 2 weeks from now - Feb 3rd @ 8:30pm EST #cplpchat

2:58 am flipchartjason: Thanks everyone for a great chat - live long and prosper. Good night! #cplpchat

2:58 am larrystraining: #cplpchat

2:58 am trishuhl: Thank you all for your time tonight and your contribution! #cplpchat

2:59 am trishuhl: This is Trish Uhl - #Chicago, Illinois USA - sending prayers to Haiti this week & sending $$ via text to the Red Cross #cplpchat

3:00 am larrystraining: It doesn't look like tweetchat liked the links. But search for CPLP in LinkedIn groups and you will find us. #cplpchat

3:01 am larrystraining: Larry Straining, CPLP, Tulsa OK, Technology and E-Learning. I look forward to chatting again in 2 weeks. #cplpchat

3:01 am SuzNet: Suzanne Choma CPLP from Genesee Valley (Rochester NY) Chapter ASTD, signing off, see you after Groundhog Day #cplpchat

3:02 am trishuhl: @larrystraining LinkedIn group links: and Thanks, Larry! #cplpchat

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

#cplpchat Transcript - January 6, 2010

#cplpchat Transcript from January 6, 2010

7:03 pm cindyhugg: RT @trishuhl: REMINDER: #CPLPchat Tonight! @ 8:30pm EST - Topic: #CPLP Tips - here's how to join: All welcome! #ASTD

7:12 pm trishuhl: #cplpchat <20 minutes until #cplpchat! 8:30pm EST Topic: #CPLP tips Here's how to join: All welcome! #ASTD #cplpchat

7:29 pm trishuhl: Welcome everyone to #cplpchat! I'm @trishuhl -tonight's moderator -signing in from Chicago. Happy New Year! #cplpchat

7:30 pm trishuhl: Rules for #cplpchat: 1) Introduce yourself. (We do this again at the end). Are you #CPLP certified? Location? Focus? Fave topics? #cplpchat

7:30 pm trishuhl: 2) [try to] stay on the #cplpchat topic by answering the questions. If you can, include Q# in related responses. #cplpchat

7:31 pm trishuhl: 3) When writing, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. #cplpchat

7:32 pm trishuhl: Intro:Trish Uhl, #PMP, #CPLP (since '06) in Chicago Focus: advancing the learning profession & building community Fav topics: pong #cplpchat

7:35 pm trishuhl: Tonight's topic: #CPLP tips #cplpchat

7:36 pm trishuhl: Join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice. #cplpchat

7:38 pm trishuhl: Question # 1: What are your favourite #CPLP tips for connecting CPLP candidates with each other? #cplpchat

7:41 pm trishuhl: Q1: Fav ways to connect #CPLP candidates - Chicago CPLP Candidate Group on LinkedIn; CPLP Candidate Group on LinkedIn #cplpchat

7:43 pm trishuhl: more... CPLP prep group on Ning #cplpchat

7:44 pm trishuhl: more... CPLP groups found on Yahoo! Groups #cplpchat

7:48 pm trishuhl: BTW -I'm monitoring- WTHashtag, TweetChat & Twitter search & I'm not seeing other tweets 4 this chat & I know folks r tweeting :-/ #cplpchat

7:49 pm trishuhl: The tech difficulties are odd! I don't know why some tweets show & others don't. If you're experiencing tech issues, pls DM me #cplpchat

7:51 pm rickzanotti: Did I miss the chat? Got busy at work... Never been on TweetChat... #cplpchat

7:51 pm trishuhl: Q1) My fav #CPLP resource for connecting candidates? #ASTD chapters - find yours! #cplpchat

7:52 pm trishuhl: Hi Rick! It's very quiet tonight. I heard from 1 person who's tweets don't show up. :( #cplpchat

7:54 pm rickzanotti: I read that the Twitter API is running slowly. Maybe there are timeout issues... #cplpchat

7:57 pm larrystraining: Hi everyone! Larry Straining, CPLP Tulsa, OK Technology and E-Learning (cant tell the difference in time zones) #cplpchat

7:57 pm trishuhl: @rickzanotti Odd. Friend in TX tried Twitter TwitterGrid TweetChat then Twitteriffic on her iPhone & her tweets don't show #cplpchat

7:58 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining LOL Hi Larry! #cplpchat

7:59 pm trishuhl: @rickzanotti We'll keep going :) Wanna introduce yourself? #cplpchat

8:00 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Larry - do you have tips for #CPLP candidates to connect with each other? It's question 1 :) #cplpchat

8:00 pm trishuhl: RT @KelvinJM: Testing hashtag #cplpchat

8:00 pm trishuhl: RT @KelvinJM: M.E. Majeske - trainer by hapenstance, TX #cplpchat

8:02 pm larrystraining: My #1 tip for CPLP candidates, you are not alone. Buddy up. LinkedIn groups, and your chapters can get you in contact with others. #cplpchat

8:03 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: What are some of the offerings #ASTD chapters have for #CPLP candidates? #cplpchat

8:07 pm larrystraining: Q1) There is the study group guide. The learning system. LinkedIn groups. To name a few. #cplpchat

8:08 pm larrystraining: National #ASTD has been very proactive with connecting candidates with other CPLPs. I have been contacted several times. #cplpchat

8:09 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: Yes! Lots of #ASTD chapters offer study groups - face2face, online/virtual, blended, etc #cplpchat

8:10 pm trishuhl: Q1: A way to connect #CPLP candidates to those #CPLP certified can be done by searching on LinkedIn. Another way to connect :) #cplpchat

8:10 pm trishuhl: Q2) What tips do you have for connecting #CPLP candidates to CPLP-related content? #ASTD #cplpchat

8:11 pm larrystraining: Q1) Recently they even released a sample passing work product. #cplpchat

8:12 pm larrystraining: Q2) As an existing #CPLP, be visible. This event is one way, participating in the online forums is another. #cplpchat

8:13 pm trishuhl: Join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice. #cplpchat

8:13 pm larrystraining: Q2) When you talk about the resources, candidates can know you are a resource. #cplpchat

8:14 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: Yes, the #ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) has released 3 sample Work Prods- Design, Deliver & Mng Learn #cplpchat

8:15 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: The example #CPLP Work Products can be found in Appendix D on the ASTD CI Web site: #cplpchat

8:15 pm larrystraining: Q2) Although there is talk of a secret handshake, becoming a #CPLP is not a secret society. We promote success. #cplpchat

8:17 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining LOL Agreed! We have a vested interest in helping our learning pro peers & growing the #CPLP community #cplpchat

8:19 pm trishuhl: Question # 3) What are your best - overall - #CPLP tips for candidates? #cplpchat

8:21 pm larrystraining: Q3) Think about your learning style. What do you need to learn, let others know and someone can get that for you. #cplpchat

8:21 pm clarionwave: Hi. Is ASTD U.S. only? #cplpchat

8:22 pm larrystraining: @trishuhl how many CPLP are there today (850 ish)? #cplpchat

8:23 pm trishuhl: Q3: #CPLP candidates - consider your personal study preferences and plan your time, study environs & resources accordingly. #cplpchat

8:26 pm trishuhl: @clarionwave Hi Chris! #ASTD is global- ASTD also oftn partnrs w the Canadian Society for Training & Dev #CSTD #cplpchat

8:26 pm larrystraining: Q3) As trainers we are developing courses all the time, design your own successful class and share it with future candidates. #cplpchat

8:27 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q3: Agreed! Very important - create a study plan that outlines where you need to focus your study efforts #cplpchat

8:28 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q3: Yes - conduct a gap analysis, then create a plan on how you're going to address those gaps - use Appendix C #cplpchat

8:29 pm trishuhl: Q3: Start w Appendix C from the #CPLP Candidate Bulletin - that outlines the full scope of topics possible on the Knowledge Exam #cplpchat

8:29 pm trishuhl: Q3:Keep in mind all Areas of Expertise (AOEs) are not weighted equally on the #CPLP Knowledge Exam - adjust study time accordingly #cplpchat

8:30 pm trishuhl: Q3: And - don't forget to review Appendix C when preparing your #CPLP Work Product submission - helps you focus on your AOE! #cplpchat

8:33 pm trishuhl: @KelvinJM just let me know that Twitter has posted a msg on its homepage that they're exp delivery delays #cplpchat

8:33 pm larrystraining: Q3) Ask! I promise you will get lots of feedback. #cplpchat

8:34 pm trishuhl: Anyone have any questions? #cplpchat

8:38 pm trishuhl: Anyone have any more #CPLP tips to share tonight? #cplpchat

8:41 pm larrystraining: I am glad we got to spend the time together this evening. Remember that we (CPLPs) are here to help. #cplpchat

8:42 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining I'm glad too, Larry - thanks for coming out! We'll wrap a bit early tonight & reconvene 2 weeks from now - 1/20 #cplpchat

8:43 pm trishuhl: Have a good evening, all! This is Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP in Chicago - signing out for tonight :-) #cplpchat

8:44 pm larrystraining: Larry Straining, CPLP Tulsa OK..Have a great evening everyone. #cplpchat

Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 CPLP Work Product Tips in Review

It's the start of 2010 - a whole new year, some say a whole new decade, and certainly a whole new cohort of CPLP candidates preparing to submit CPLP Work Product this March.

Given as such, I'd like to share a couple of tips with you - from our Tips of the Week archive - focused on helping CPLP candidates prepare their Work Product submissions.

CPLPCOACH.COM Tip of the Week - December 16, 2009

Accelerated change is everywhere - and the CPLP Work Product submission phase is no exception! Today's tip is all about...

CPLPCOACH.COM Tip of the Week - July 26, 2009

We are fortunate this week to have input from John who shares his experiences as both a CPLP candidate, as well as a long time Work Product...

Visit to review our CPLP Mastery products and services - including online facilitated workshops, practice exams, mobile flash cards and more!

Happy New Year!

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC
Twitter: @trishuhl | @cplpcoach