Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CPLP Resources - Online Presentations, Podcasts, Wikis & More!

It's been a busy, busy month -- hence the silence in October! My apologies for being so quiet -- but I think it will pay off in the end as I've spent my time gathering many CPLP related initiatives to share with you.

First off, the Chicagoland Chapter, ASTD (CCASTD) Human Side of Technology was a great success! 26 presentations over two days -- where all topics corresponded to at least one or more of the areas of expertise outlined in the 2004 ASTD Competency Model (on which the CPLP is founded).

Missed the conference? No worries -- you can watch some of the presentations right here online at:

The line-up includes:

Please send me an email if you're interested in copies of any of the session handouts:

On the go? Looking for more mobile CPLP related content?

You can download CCASTD and ASTD-Cascadia podcasts to your MP3 player and take them on the road with you -- to work, the gym, or while you're traveling:

CCASTD Podcasts


Good things were also moving & shaking at ALC - the ASTD Leaders Conference. ALC is an annual event hosted by ASTD in Alexandria, VA and attended by chapter Board members from around the USA. With 130+ chapters, ALC tends to be well attended -- 400+ participants -- all ready to share ideas, best practices, and personal experiences.

This year featured LeaderCast - almost realtime podcasting from the event -- consisting of interviews with chapter leaders from around the country. You'll find an interview with yours truly as Episode 4 and interviews on all sorts of topics with other chapter leaders on the following page:

One of the coolest take-aways from the event, for me, was learning about what ASTD Nebraska is up to. CPLP pilot participant Valerie Noll and her team out west have put together a CPLP Wiki.

"What," you may ask, "on earth is a Wiki?"

"A WikiWeb is an "open-editing" system where the emphasis is on the authoring and collaboration of documents rather than the simple browsing or viewing of them. The name "wiki" is based on the Hawaiian term "wiki wiki," meaning "quick" or "super-fast." The basic concept of a WikiWikiWeb (or "wiki") is that (almost) anyone can edit any page. While at first this sounds like a recipe for complete anarchy, the truth is that sites using this system have developed surprisingly complex and rich communities for online collaboration and communication. "

Simply put, Wikis are used to build expert communities quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

You may have heard of the most famous Wiki of all -- Wikipedia -- which is a free encyclopedia built collaboratively (and available to all over the Internet) using Wiki software.

ASTD-Nebraska is building collaborative CPLP content - by learning & performance professionals, for learning & performance professionals - using Wiki software.

It means that you not only get to read what others have written, but you get to contribute content on areas where you have expertise too!

Check it out!

Would you rather attend an in-person event?

Join me in mid-November at the Twin Cities Chapter, ASTD pre-conference workshop where I'll be facilitating a CPLP Boot Camp:

November 15th - CPLP Boot Camp
November 16th - Annual Regional Conference & Expo
Twin Cities Chapter, ASTD
St. Paul, MN

Lots going on around North America in November!

November 5th - 8th
Canadian Society for Training & Development (CSTD)
CSTD Annual Conference & Trade Show
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

November 10th
Your Turn to Learn
San Diego Chapter, ASTD
San Diego, CA

Many ways to learn, share, connect!

Happy studying :)

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
Owl's Ledge LLC

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