Monday, November 07, 2011

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SchreckTeck - Technology for Connectedness, Happiness?

I recently spent a morning participating in the #SchreckTeck discussion with Rick Zanotti and Gina Schreck to explore the use of technology for human connectedness and happiness.

Now, to be fair, Gina and Rick appear on film - but there was a lively backchannel chat going on as well - with many #Twitter peeps - which hugely contributed to the conversation.

I *live* for these kinds of mornings! Totally immersed and connected with people I consider to be my tribe!

What's my take? As Rick and Gina discuss, I have established real relationships with real people all over the real world; some of those relationships started in-person and went virtual. Others, started virtual and have yet to be explored in-person.

[Just ask Rick - who I met on Second Life and have yet to meet in-person. :-P ]

To me, there's no distinction between them - my relationships with friends, colleagues, peers are the same, regardless if I see them in-person on a regular basis, or connect with them through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

What does it have to do with learning? I've learned LOTS from many of my learning peers via technology - @LarryStraining taught me about QR codes; @DawnJMahoney has taught me how to use Twitter to solve problems using impromptu design jams; I use @RickZanotti 's Adobe Captivate materials all the time; I follow @GinaSchreck 's lead on technology and social media - just to name a few.

Technology is also how I tap into the wealth of knowledge and talent in two of my very favourite "tribes"- ASTD Chapter Leaders and those certified as ASTD CPLP. :-D

What's your experience? How do you use technology to connect with the world, with the people around you?

Where are on the continuum are you? Are you like Gina and me - constantly using your smartphone to process & document the wonder of the world around you? or closer on the continuum to Rick, who as all bah-humbug?

[So much fun watching Rick's antisocial nature play counterpoint to Gina's infectious, bubbly nature. Like watching Eeyore take on Tigger!]

Watch the video and comment below!

SchreckTeck 33: Happiness is Social Gina and Anti-Social Rick... from RELATECORP on Vimeo

BTW - I enjoyed participating so much, that --

I'm making a guest appearance on #SchreckTeck at 10:00am CST on November 15th, 2011!

See you then!

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC