Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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A BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the CPLP delegates around the world who made it happen!


To your success!

~ trish

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~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
2005 CPLP Pilot Pioneer
Founder, Owl's Ledge
Creator, CPLP Mastery Series and CPLPCOACH.com

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are You Making This Mistake in Your CPLP Work Product? | ASK Trish: CPLP Work Product Candidate Q&A


Q: "I am preparing my CPLP Work Product and I am concerned that my project work didn't involve...

[fill in one or more competency statements from the selected AOE]. 

Is that a problem?"


A: Yes!

I call it the "I Didn't" trap.

The "I Didn't" trap is any time candidates find themselves using essay responses to explain to the Raters why they did not perform some Key Action(s) - and why their submission does not include work samples to support performance of that Key Action(s).

What does it mean?

It means --


CPLP Work Product is an assessment against a professional standard.

The professional standard is defined by the competencies outlined in the ATD Competency Model.

Key Actions represent collections - groupings - of related competencies.

The Key Actions specified for an Area of Expertise (AOE) in the ATD Competency Model are the same Key Actions that MUST be OBVIOUSLY DEMONSTRATED in candidates' Work Product submissions.


It does not matter that your organization doesn't...

or that the project you want to submit did not include...

Those are excuses - and they're not valid.

It's an assessment. 

As part of this assessment, you are responsible for adhering to - in the project work you submit for Work Product - the professional standard. 


Let me illustrate with a story...

The candidates I coach and the delegates enrolled in my CPLP Work Product online course have all heard me tell the story of my eldest nephew and his desire to obtain a drivers license.

My nephew lives in the country. 

In his day-to-day life, my nephew does not normally have to parallel park. 

After all, parallel parking is something most of us do only in urban areas when we're trying to squeeze our cars into an available parking space in an environment where available parking is in short supply.

That is not my nephew's typical experience out in the country.

So my nephew was a bit upset at having to practice, then to perform parallel parking in front of the Examiner as part of his examination for his drivers license.

My advice to my nephew was this:

"Do you want to get your drivers license?"


"Then you have to successfully complete the assessment. Parallel parking is part of the assessment. Therefore, you must parallel park."

The same goes for you, my learning pro peers who wish to become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP).

In order to achieve the CPLP, you must successfully complete the assessment.

Earning the CPLP is a privilege; not a right.

You are not entitled to it.

You do not get to have it just because you want it - or because you met some basic eligibility requirements.

You must earn it, as those of us currently CPLP certified have, by adhering to the professional standard, and obviously demonstrating application of the ATD competencies in your work and your words. 

Just like my nephew, you can prepare for the assessment - and practice - well ahead of time, if you --

...read the CPLP Certification Handbook and...

...understand ALL of the Key Actions inherent to your selected Area of Expertise...

....BEFORE you start your project work...

...so you can ensure you have...

...applied the ATD CI competencies and...

...produced the necessary work samples...

...at the caliber and level of quality...

...DEMANDED by the CPLP certification process.

To your CPLP success in 2015!

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
2005 CPLP Pilot Program Pioneer
Founder, Owl's Ledge LLC
Creator, CPLP Mastery Series online courses and in-country workshops, and self-directed study prep resources at CPLPCOACH.com
Author, "Mastering the CPLP: How to Successfully Prepare for - and PASS! - the CPLP Knowledge Exam" available on Amazon.com