Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bored with your CPLP study preparation?

CPLP candidates often get several weeks into their CPLP Knowledge Exam study preparation and find their attention and energy waning from the reading materials they're trying to study.

Some people get downright frustrated.

If this is YOU --

It's time to give your brain a break!

Avoid the cognitive overload...

...get past the overwhelm...

...improve your CPLP study preparation retention, and...

...accelerate your study prep progress by...

...taking a break from 700+ pages of dry content and...

...switch to some visual stimulation -- 

to reinforce the models and frameworks featured in the ASTD Competency Model!

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To your success!

~ trish

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Pass the CPLP Knowledge Exam

My name is Katelind Hays and I'm a proud member of Team Owl's Ledge!

My boss - Owl's Ledge founder and CEO Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP -- has helped candidates successfully prepare for -- and pass -- the CPLP® Knowledge Exam since the 2005 CPLP Pilot program.

That's right - every cohort, every exam window - since the start in 2005!

As a long-time Owl team member now myself, I've benefited from Trish's wisdom and would like to share with you some of my personal and professional experience in supporting candidates through the CPLP® certification process. 

My candidate support practice is based upon the same 4-step Owl's Ledge framework that Trish and those of us here on the Owl's Ledge team have refined with candidates from all over the world over these many years - almost a decade worth of work!

Take it from me, follow these 4 easy steps, and you, too, can pass the CPLP® Knowledge Exam:
  1. PLAN - To succeed on the CPLP® Knowledge Exam, you must "plan your work, and work your plan." Create your own personal Study Plan that takes into account why, what, who, when, where, and how you will prepare for and actually take the CPLP® Knowledge Exam. Go beyond just identifying your gaps and the methods you will use to close the gaps by prioritizing what to study when based on how the material is weighted on the exam. Improve your chances for success by leveraging your personal preferences and learning style to optimize and accelerate your study preparation.
  2. STUDY - Take advantage of all the robust media available - video, audio, articles, case studies, stories, etc - to familiarize and re-familiarize yourself with standard terms, definitions, content, and context included in the ASTD Competency Model (the body of knowledge upon which the CPLP® is based).
  3. PRACTICE - Passing the CPLP® Knowledge Exam requires candidates to successfully MASTER a multiple choice exam, which is MUCH different than doing the day-to-day work as a  learning professional. Mastering an exam requires a different set of skills. Developing your test taking skills takes practice - use practice questions and practice exams (written at the same level of application, and in the same format and style as the exam) to put your skills to the test. Start with the ASTD pCPLP to get a feel for the CPLP® Knowledge Exam, then "drill" questions periodically throughout your study prep to apply what you're studying to increase your test taking competence and confidence. Write your own multiple choice practice questions and/or access online CPLP practice tests - such as the Owl's Ledge practice exams.
  4. PREPARE - Past candidates agree -- the CPLP® Knowledge Exam can be absolutely grueling. You must prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically. Set your mind towards success. Prepare your body for discomfort. Anticipate sitting at a computer for two-and-a-half hours. Acknowledge that there will be questions you do not know the answers to. Visualize passing the exam. 
According to the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI), ~ 75% of CPLP candidates pass the CPLP® Knowledge Exam.

The secret to being one of the successful candidates is to understand that your study preparation needs to be more than just consuming content.

Give the CPLP® Knowledge Exam - and the study preparation process - the respect they deserve. 

The CPLP® is a complex process, so your approach should be complex too. "Complex," but not complicated! Use the multifaceted Owl's Ledge approach to keep your study prep process straightforward and simple.

If you'd like to learn more about -- go in-depth -- with the Owl's Ledge systematic 4-step framework and how to apply it to your CPLP® Knowledge Exam study prep success, get a copy of Trish's "Mastering the CPLP®: How to Successfully Prepare for - and PASS! - the CPLP® Knowledge Exam" from

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Put the Owl's Ledge 4-step CPLP study preparation framework into practice and get on the right path to CPLP® Knowledge Exam success right away!

To Your Success!