Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bored with your CPLP study preparation?

CPLP candidates often get several weeks into their CPLP Knowledge Exam study preparation and find their attention and energy waning from the reading materials they're trying to study.

Some people get downright frustrated.

If this is YOU --

It's time to give your brain a break!

Avoid the cognitive overload...

...get past the overwhelm...

...improve your CPLP study preparation retention, and...

...accelerate your study prep progress by...

...taking a break from 700+ pages of dry content and...

...switch to some visual stimulation -- 

to reinforce the models and frameworks featured in the ASTD Competency Model!

Visit my Pinterest CPLP study prep page, Now -------

Pinterest. Not just for recipes and wedding plans. :-D

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To your success!

~ trish

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