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#cplpchat Transcript - January 6, 2010

#cplpchat Transcript from January 6, 2010

7:03 pm cindyhugg: RT @trishuhl: REMINDER: #CPLPchat Tonight! @ 8:30pm EST - Topic: #CPLP Tips - here's how to join: All welcome! #ASTD

7:12 pm trishuhl: #cplpchat <20 minutes until #cplpchat! 8:30pm EST Topic: #CPLP tips Here's how to join: All welcome! #ASTD #cplpchat

7:29 pm trishuhl: Welcome everyone to #cplpchat! I'm @trishuhl -tonight's moderator -signing in from Chicago. Happy New Year! #cplpchat

7:30 pm trishuhl: Rules for #cplpchat: 1) Introduce yourself. (We do this again at the end). Are you #CPLP certified? Location? Focus? Fave topics? #cplpchat

7:30 pm trishuhl: 2) [try to] stay on the #cplpchat topic by answering the questions. If you can, include Q# in related responses. #cplpchat

7:31 pm trishuhl: 3) When writing, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. #cplpchat

7:32 pm trishuhl: Intro:Trish Uhl, #PMP, #CPLP (since '06) in Chicago Focus: advancing the learning profession & building community Fav topics: pong #cplpchat

7:35 pm trishuhl: Tonight's topic: #CPLP tips #cplpchat

7:36 pm trishuhl: Join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice. #cplpchat

7:38 pm trishuhl: Question # 1: What are your favourite #CPLP tips for connecting CPLP candidates with each other? #cplpchat

7:41 pm trishuhl: Q1: Fav ways to connect #CPLP candidates - Chicago CPLP Candidate Group on LinkedIn; CPLP Candidate Group on LinkedIn #cplpchat

7:43 pm trishuhl: more... CPLP prep group on Ning #cplpchat

7:44 pm trishuhl: more... CPLP groups found on Yahoo! Groups #cplpchat

7:48 pm trishuhl: BTW -I'm monitoring- WTHashtag, TweetChat & Twitter search & I'm not seeing other tweets 4 this chat & I know folks r tweeting :-/ #cplpchat

7:49 pm trishuhl: The tech difficulties are odd! I don't know why some tweets show & others don't. If you're experiencing tech issues, pls DM me #cplpchat

7:51 pm rickzanotti: Did I miss the chat? Got busy at work... Never been on TweetChat... #cplpchat

7:51 pm trishuhl: Q1) My fav #CPLP resource for connecting candidates? #ASTD chapters - find yours! #cplpchat

7:52 pm trishuhl: Hi Rick! It's very quiet tonight. I heard from 1 person who's tweets don't show up. :( #cplpchat

7:54 pm rickzanotti: I read that the Twitter API is running slowly. Maybe there are timeout issues... #cplpchat

7:57 pm larrystraining: Hi everyone! Larry Straining, CPLP Tulsa, OK Technology and E-Learning (cant tell the difference in time zones) #cplpchat

7:57 pm trishuhl: @rickzanotti Odd. Friend in TX tried Twitter TwitterGrid TweetChat then Twitteriffic on her iPhone & her tweets don't show #cplpchat

7:58 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining LOL Hi Larry! #cplpchat

7:59 pm trishuhl: @rickzanotti We'll keep going :) Wanna introduce yourself? #cplpchat

8:00 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Larry - do you have tips for #CPLP candidates to connect with each other? It's question 1 :) #cplpchat

8:00 pm trishuhl: RT @KelvinJM: Testing hashtag #cplpchat

8:00 pm trishuhl: RT @KelvinJM: M.E. Majeske - trainer by hapenstance, TX #cplpchat

8:02 pm larrystraining: My #1 tip for CPLP candidates, you are not alone. Buddy up. LinkedIn groups, and your chapters can get you in contact with others. #cplpchat

8:03 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: What are some of the offerings #ASTD chapters have for #CPLP candidates? #cplpchat

8:07 pm larrystraining: Q1) There is the study group guide. The learning system. LinkedIn groups. To name a few. #cplpchat

8:08 pm larrystraining: National #ASTD has been very proactive with connecting candidates with other CPLPs. I have been contacted several times. #cplpchat

8:09 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: Yes! Lots of #ASTD chapters offer study groups - face2face, online/virtual, blended, etc #cplpchat

8:10 pm trishuhl: Q1: A way to connect #CPLP candidates to those #CPLP certified can be done by searching on LinkedIn. Another way to connect :) #cplpchat

8:10 pm trishuhl: Q2) What tips do you have for connecting #CPLP candidates to CPLP-related content? #ASTD #cplpchat

8:11 pm larrystraining: Q1) Recently they even released a sample passing work product. #cplpchat

8:12 pm larrystraining: Q2) As an existing #CPLP, be visible. This event is one way, participating in the online forums is another. #cplpchat

8:13 pm trishuhl: Join us via TweetChat: or your Twitter tool of choice. #cplpchat

8:13 pm larrystraining: Q2) When you talk about the resources, candidates can know you are a resource. #cplpchat

8:14 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: Yes, the #ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) has released 3 sample Work Prods- Design, Deliver & Mng Learn #cplpchat

8:15 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q1: The example #CPLP Work Products can be found in Appendix D on the ASTD CI Web site: #cplpchat

8:15 pm larrystraining: Q2) Although there is talk of a secret handshake, becoming a #CPLP is not a secret society. We promote success. #cplpchat

8:17 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining LOL Agreed! We have a vested interest in helping our learning pro peers & growing the #CPLP community #cplpchat

8:19 pm trishuhl: Question # 3) What are your best - overall - #CPLP tips for candidates? #cplpchat

8:21 pm larrystraining: Q3) Think about your learning style. What do you need to learn, let others know and someone can get that for you. #cplpchat

8:21 pm clarionwave: Hi. Is ASTD U.S. only? #cplpchat

8:22 pm larrystraining: @trishuhl how many CPLP are there today (850 ish)? #cplpchat

8:23 pm trishuhl: Q3: #CPLP candidates - consider your personal study preferences and plan your time, study environs & resources accordingly. #cplpchat

8:26 pm trishuhl: @clarionwave Hi Chris! #ASTD is global- ASTD also oftn partnrs w the Canadian Society for Training & Dev #CSTD #cplpchat

8:26 pm larrystraining: Q3) As trainers we are developing courses all the time, design your own successful class and share it with future candidates. #cplpchat

8:27 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q3: Agreed! Very important - create a study plan that outlines where you need to focus your study efforts #cplpchat

8:28 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining Q3: Yes - conduct a gap analysis, then create a plan on how you're going to address those gaps - use Appendix C #cplpchat

8:29 pm trishuhl: Q3: Start w Appendix C from the #CPLP Candidate Bulletin - that outlines the full scope of topics possible on the Knowledge Exam #cplpchat

8:29 pm trishuhl: Q3:Keep in mind all Areas of Expertise (AOEs) are not weighted equally on the #CPLP Knowledge Exam - adjust study time accordingly #cplpchat

8:30 pm trishuhl: Q3: And - don't forget to review Appendix C when preparing your #CPLP Work Product submission - helps you focus on your AOE! #cplpchat

8:33 pm trishuhl: @KelvinJM just let me know that Twitter has posted a msg on its homepage that they're exp delivery delays #cplpchat

8:33 pm larrystraining: Q3) Ask! I promise you will get lots of feedback. #cplpchat

8:34 pm trishuhl: Anyone have any questions? #cplpchat

8:38 pm trishuhl: Anyone have any more #CPLP tips to share tonight? #cplpchat

8:41 pm larrystraining: I am glad we got to spend the time together this evening. Remember that we (CPLPs) are here to help. #cplpchat

8:42 pm trishuhl: @larrystraining I'm glad too, Larry - thanks for coming out! We'll wrap a bit early tonight & reconvene 2 weeks from now - 1/20 #cplpchat

8:43 pm trishuhl: Have a good evening, all! This is Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP in Chicago - signing out for tonight :-) #cplpchat

8:44 pm larrystraining: Larry Straining, CPLP Tulsa OK..Have a great evening everyone. #cplpchat

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