Saturday, April 05, 2008


Oh yes - the fact that the CPLP Raters Workshop was held last weekend (that's the event where raters fly in from all over to score work product submissions in one long weekend) - is a fact that's pretty well known.

So the questions are pouring in - WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY RESULTS??

Unfortunately, there's no easy answer. :-/

Here's the skinny -

Rater Workshops are usually scheduled within a month after a cohort's deadline for work product submissions. In this case, the current work product cohort submitted work product by February 29th - and the workshop was subsequently scheduled for the last weekend in March.

Most work product submissions were scored then - during the long weekend that was the Raters Workshop held in late March.


There are always some submissions that become outliers - submissions that require special attention - and their existence is a good bit of the reason as to why scores (and, therefore, certification status) aren't known immediately after the workshop.

Scores are not sent out until *all* work product submissions are ready to go - and that means addressing (and resolving) the anomolies first.

And that takes time.

This is the reason why WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY RESULTS?? is such a hard question to answer. :-/

I sympathize - empathize even! - believe me.

I sat the very first CPLP Knowledge-based Exam during the pilot in June of 2005 and didn't find out my EXAM SCORE until after Thanksgiving.

Seriously. 5 months.

Not just me - but all of the folks from the 2005 June and September pilot cohorts - went through that experience.


Because three years ago, the ASTD Certification Institute had to crunch the numbers to figure out what a passing score was - and they couldn't do that until all the data was in - and all data wasn't "in" until after all pilot participants sat the exam.

AND - because of Hurricane Katrina - the exam was kept open until October 2005, to give folks in the affected areas a chance to participate in the pilot.

So even the folks who sat the exam in September 2005 had to wait at least 2 months to even know their exam scores.

Anticipation. Oh yes. We know it well!

Relief - you want to know - either way! - because you feel almost like you're in limbo until you get the results.

Like you need to know so you can plan your next steps.

Like holding your breath and waiting to exhale.

Thank goodness candidates now receive their exam scores shortly after submitting their exams!

As for the work product submission, my gut says (and this is pure instinct) that the results will start to trickle out in the next couple of weeks - my guess is late April.

Until then, I wish you all restful nights and happy days - and good news, when the time comes!

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
Owl's Ledge LLC

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