Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What are the Costs of a Failed Work Product? (in addition to feeling sick?)

In addition to the disappointment and sick feeling in your stomach (some people even feel embarrassed in front of friends, family, and colleagues), a failed CPLP Work Product incurs multiple costs.

These costs include:

  • FINANCIAL ($$) - ATD CI charges a $300.00 USD re-test fee to submit a new Work Product
  • EFFORT - ATD CI requires candidates create an ENTIRELY NEW submission (you are NOT allowed to "fix" a failed submission and re-submit - it MUST be new)
  • TIME - ATD CI requires candidates to wait to re-submit a new submission in the next Work Product "window" - which is at least 4 months away
  • DELAY - ATD CI only designates new CPLPs twice a year - in April and in October - which means you will be delayed in reaching your goal of achieving CPLP certification
  • RISK (EXAM SCORES EXPIRE) - ATD CI expires candidate exam scores after 2 years (2 years from the date of CPLP Knowledge Exam success)
  • RISK (MAXIMUM ATTEMPTS) - ATD CI limits the MAXIMUM number of Work Product submissions to three (3) per candidate 
Source: ATD CPLP Certification Handbook 2014-2015

I want to ensure you're connecting with the implications...

consider the following timeline...


STEP 0: Enter the CPLP Program

Delegate meets eligibility requirements, applies to the ATD Certification Institute, becomes an official CPLP candidate, and enters the CPLP certification program.

STEP 1: Successfully Pass CPLP Knowledge Exam

Now registered as an official CPLP candidate, the clock is counting down - you have ONE (1) YEAR to clear the CPLP Knowledge Exam - or you forfeit your candidate registration fees and must re-apply and pay again to start again (at STEP 0).

STEP 2: Successfully Pass CPLP Work Product

After having successfully passed the CPLP Knowledge Exam (Congratulations!) you have 2 YEARS  in which to pass the CPLP Work Product submission phase.

That may seem like a lot of time, but it's not.

Here's why --

You only have a TOTAL of four (4) test windows to choose from and only three (3) attempts to be successful.

Let me break it down --

ATD CI only offers two (2) test windows for CPLP Work Product, per year

That means from the time you passed the CPLP Knowledge Exam - to when your exam scores expire (after 2 years) - you only have a TOTAL of four (4) possible test windows (2 per year x 2 years = 4) to choose from to submit a SUCCESSFUL Work Product. 

Let's say you submit a Work Product and ATD CI rates it as "Failed" or "Cannot Be Scored" - that means you are now "down" an attempt.

You are only allowed three (3) attempts at passing CPLP Work Product.

After that, you have to wait to re-enter the program (STEP 0) and try - from the start - all over again.


Yay cake! Achieving CPLP is the goal, right?

Of course, ALL candidates want to make their way successfully through the CPLP certification process the FIRST time around, but FEW are STRATEGIC in planning out EXACTLY how to do that.

(That's one of the reasons why the pass rate is so low - some cohorts only 43% of candidates passed Work Product. That's LESS THAN HALF.)

You can leave it to chance or you can beat the odds by making a choice.

To your success in 2015 and beyond!

~ trish 

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
2005 CPLP Pilot Pioneer
CEO and Founder Owl's Ledge
Creator, CPLP Mastery Series Online Courses and Workshops, and self-directed resources at

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