Friday, September 19, 2014

How Did They Do It? CPLP Candidates ROCK! Exam Results from Earlier THIS Week

CPLP Practice Test
YES, it's possible to pass the CPLP Knowledge Exam...

...if you follow THIS simple plan:

Make sure you PRACTICE answering exam questions!
  1. REMEMBER! CPLP Knowledge Exam is NOT about your day job.
  2. To pass the CPLP exam, you MUST be able to translate your experience - what you know and what can do - into performing well on an application-level, computerized, multiple choice exam.
  3. This is NOT the same as performing as a learning professional every day on-the-job at work.
  4. Taking an exam is a practiced skill.
  5. Most candidates find the CPLP Knowledge Exam to be unlike any they've experienced before - because it goes beyond "memorize content, then test" approach we learned at school.
  6. Exam prep means PRACTICE, and practice means building COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE by answering multiple choice questions similar to the ones you'll face on the computerized exam.
  7. Use the ATD Practice Exam (pCPLP)* to start.
  8. BUT - don't stop there! Either leverage additional practice questions from various resources**.

* Don't make these candidate MISTAKES when using the ATD Practice Exam (pCPLP):

  • ASTD Practice Exam (pCPLP) questions are representative of question the official exam, but they are NOT the exam.
  • Candidates will NOT see the pCPLP questions on the exam.
  • pCPLP questions were RETIRED and REMOVED from the CPLP Knowledge Exam.
  • pCPLP questions are used by ATD CI as examples only, but they are NOT the test.
  • pCPLP is NOT scored the same as the actual CPLP Knowledge Exam.
  • Take your pCPLP score as a general indication of how well you're performing on questions in a particular AOE, but NOT as an indication of CPLP Knowledge Exam success.
  • pCPLP questions are static, meaning, every time you take it, you get the same 100 questions in the exact same order.
  • pCPLP does not randomize questions or answer choices; it's the same every time.

** Where can you get practice questions...written like what you'll experience on the CPLP Knowledge Exam?

Not from ASTD / ATD.

ASTD / ATD no longer sells flashcards or the practice questions CD.

ATD discontinued those study prep support tools...

...when they overhauled the ASTD Competency Model last year (2013).

...and updated all of the exam content.

If you're part of an ASTD / ATD chapter study group, they often provide practice questions.

There's also benefit to writing your own questions and creating your own flashcards.

Otherwise, candidates interested in immediate access to online, computerized practice exams, flashcards, and other resources can find free and fee based ones here:


These are the same resources candidates leveraged to their success earlier THIS week:

"Wow! I am SO RELIEVED! I passed the CPLP Knowledge Exam. While the exam is what I expected it to be, it was not easy. The test required me to know competencies and respond to real-life application questions. Despite the difficulty, I felt prepared for the exam because I studied consistently and determinedly using the materials available on The products and services offered by Owl's Ledge are wonderful, and I know I could not have passed the Knowledge Exam without them." -- Cheryle in the USA | PASSED! Sept 15

Not just American candidates, but delegates overseas are having great SUCCESS too:

"I am pleased to share with you that I have passed the CPLP Knowledge Exam. I think the products are excellent. The games and flashcards proved very beneficial. Thank you for your continuous support throughout this process. Owl's Ledge is doing an awesome job." -- Shaikh Abdul Qayyum in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | PASSED! Sept 15


Regardless of what YOU decide to do...

...make sure you model after these two SUCCESSFUL candidates... ACTIVE in your study prep; interact with the material.

Apply / reflect on it in your work.

PASSIVELY READING: Simply consuming content as a way to prep for the CPLP Knowledge Exam is DISASTER.

Use practice questions to build your...

...COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE... performing well on application-level multiple choice questions.

To your success!

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
2005 CPLP Pilot Pioneer
CEO and Founder Owl's Ledge
Creator, CPLP Mastery Series and

P.S. You've put in the study time, now put in the PRACTICE that builds your CPLP Knowledge Exam COMPETENCE and COMPETENCE!

Take an absolutely free practice exam right now:

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