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ASTD Certification - How to Stay Motivated thru CPLP Work Product? - ASK Trish: CPLP Work Product Candidate Q&A


Q: "Begin with the end in mind"....I wish it was so simple..CPLP Work Product is a tough nut to crack...need some heavy dosage of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation :)

Any ideas on how to stay motivated?!


A: Yes!

Work Product (any AOE) is a very "tough nut to crack" which requires candidates to "begin with the end in mind" and demands both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation!

Some thoughts on how to stay motivated:

* Connect with Why - now is a good time to reconnect with why you started down the path of CPLP certification. Think about your WIIFM - what's the Big Picture? Consider the ultimate goal that CPLP is meant to help you achieve - is it accomplishment? promotion? affiliation? personal achievement? 

Whatever your reason for pursuing CPLP, write it down. Keep it handy to remind yourself - especially over the next few weeks as Work Product challenges you in unexpected ways.

* Connect with Others - I am privileged to work with a lot of CPLP candidates all over the world, to guide and advise them - and to cheer them on! 

I've been a candidate myself; I've supported candidates through the process since the CPLP program started, but there is nothing better for candidates' moral support than to connect with other candidates in their own cohort. 

To interact with folks who are going through what you're going through, as you go through it - together.

Study groups are not just for CPLP Knowledge Exam; they're GREAT for CPLP Work Product too!

On a very practical note, CPLP candidates can share CPLP Work Product examples with each other and review each others' CPLP Work Product submissions. 

It's always helpful to have "another pair of eyes" review your CPLP Work Product submission, not only to proofread, but also for clarity.

Trish Uhl with CPLP delegates at PETRONAS Leadership Centre | Putrajaya, Malaysia

At Owl's Ledge, we spend a lot of time in our online course putting candidates together to review prior examples and each others' work; in an effort to help them bond in this way.

I HIGHLY suggest CPLP candidates continue to connect online - and offline - so you can learn from and encourage each other.

CPLP Work Product is a REALLY tough phase of the certification process - often much more difficult than CPLP Knowledge Exam!

In fact, ATD CI currently reports the CPLP Work Product pass rate as 65.3%.

Those can be tough odds to beat, if you're focused on achieving CPLP certification this year - especially since you only have this one chance! (The next CPLP Work Product deadline isn't until February of next year.)

Keep good people close and keep your focus on what your end goal is. :-)

To your success!

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) since April 2006!

Don't be left out! 

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