Thursday, July 10, 2014

ASTD Certification - 4 Steps to Preparing Your CPLP Work Product Submission - ASK Trish: CPLP Work Product Candidate Q&A

CPLP candidates often struggle to make the CPLP Work Product submission process manageable, especially in the midst of many other competing priorities to attend to - such as work, family, friends, and other commitments.

Recognizing the difficulty many candidate have in getting organized and getting focused, I developed the Owl's Ledge 4-Step Process for preparing a CPLP Work Product submission.
I created the Owl's Ledge framework while I was still a CPLP candidate myself during the CPLP Pilot (2005-2006).

It was during this inaugural pilot program that I also started supporting my candidate peers through the certification process - and I haven't missed a cohort since!
Over the years I've refined my CPLP Work Product preparation framework by using it to help learning professionals from all over the world to be successful in the CPLP Work Product phase of the CPLP certification process.

Owl's Ledge 4-Step CPLP Work Product preparation process:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Project Work
  3. Writing and Assembling
  4. Packaging and Shipping

I know, I've been there! 

After several months of diligently preparing for the CPLP Knowledge Exam, your Work Product submission becomes the only thing between you and achieving the CPLP designation --

You're ready to get it over with and - FINALLY! - join the CPLP community!

Plus, who wants to fail this part of the assessment process? 

Failure often feels personal and delays achievement of the CPLP by at least another 6 months.

The video below is a recording of an actual session I facilitated - with real candidates! - in the last cohort.

In this session, I introduce CPLP candidates to my 4-step framework.

Note: The ASTD Certification Institute (also known as ASTD CI or ATD CI) radically changed CPLP Work Product requirements as of April 1, 2014. My framework continues to work, even with the changes, but you'll hear me use a couple of old terms in this recording.

Some changes in terminology since this session was recorded:  

  • CPLP Candidate Bulletin is now the CPLP Certification Handbook ("Handbook")
  • Form A essay questions renamed "Project-related Narrative Responses" (see Handbook)
  • Form B essay questions renamed "Performance-related Narrative Responses" (see Handbook)


I hope my 4-step preparation process helps you to separate your Work Product submission into manageable "chunks" so you can get organized, get focused, and GET DONE!

To your success!

~ trish
p.s. If you like the framework and want to learn how to further leverage it to improve your submission and your chances for passing the CPLP Work Product, consider joining other candidates in my CPLP Work Product online course.

Seats are limited and this class - where I'm focused on helping candidates meet their CPLP Work Product August 2014 deadline - is almost full! 

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