Saturday, October 27, 2012

#ELWHUNT Sponsor Spotlight & Round 2 LAUNCH!

Hello all!

Here's hoping you're all having a FABULOUS! time #EWLHUNT-ing! Here at Owl's Ledge, we're very excited about how things are going so far - the pictures you've submitted as you complete missions are (as Trish would say) YAY CAKE!

Matter of fact, the hunt has gone so well, we're ready to launch Round 2!

Round 2 includes:
  • opening up game play to learning professionals all over the world
  • new missions (based on the ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance Competency Model); 
  • addition of weekly prizes as part of the Sponsor Spotlight;
  • a chance for the Top 3 highest scoring participants (as of December 7, 2012) to win a suite of end-of-game prizes!

Weekly Prizes - Part of the Sponsor Spotlight 

Each week, we'll shine a spotlight on a new Sponsor who's donated special WEEKLY PRIZES - to be given away based on missions completed that week!

Here's how the Sponsor Spotlight works: 
  • What? Special Sponsor missions are posted to #ELWHUNT on GooseChase. These missions are not only good for overall points, but solving specific missions will earn some participants weekly prizes!
  • When? We'll spotlight a new Sponsor with new missions every Saturday (through December 1st).
  • Who? Participants must complete specific missions for a chance to win the weekly prizes. Remember! Even if you are not one of the week's winners, you will still earn and add the points associated with the mission to your point total and overall standing - AND (if you pay attention!) you'll have a new chance to win the following week!
  • Where? How do you know which missions and what prizes? Use the form below to sign-up to receive weekly tips & tricks for identifying - and completing! - the Sponsor Spotlight missions, along with details about the Sponsor's prizes!
  • How? Weekly prize winners will be listed here on this blog and on our #ELWHUNT Pinterest pinboard
Here at Owl's Ledge we're dedicated to modeling the use of gamification, game play, and game mechanics to show learning professionals worldwide how you can take a whole lot of content - like the ASTD WLP Competency Model - and make it fun and engaging to explore and discover!

Keep learning!

Ready to discover who this week's Sponsor is and what special missions you need to complete for a chance to win the weekly prize? Use the sign-up form below to find out!


[Review our previous blog post - here! - for details on how to get started playing the game!]

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