Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Measurement & Evaluation Extravaganza - Ken Phillips - Developing Valid Level 1 Evaluations

We've all heard of - even - hopefully! tried to apply - Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation.

Afterall, the training industry has had the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Evaulation for fifty (50) years now!

The question is, how many learning & performance professionals know how to do them right?

The research shows - not many. :-/

So I'm launching a Measurement & Evaluation Extravaganza on this blog. It's meant to help all learning & performance professionals to gain mastery over this area, and to assist ASTD Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) candidates to prep for the CPLP Knowledge Exam.

Let's start with Kirkpatrick's Level 1 Evaluation... When should you use Level 1? What does a valid Level 1 Evaluation look like? When is it inappropriate to use Level 1?

Ken Phillips, Ph.D., CPLP - founder and President of Phillips Associates - is a learning & performance measurement & evaluation expert.

Ken has a knack for helping us regular humans understand when, where & how to measure, evaluate, summarize & report.

Ken has written a series of articles on the subject - I've included regarding Level 1 Evaluations below.

If reading isn't enough - and you want more - you can catch Ken at the upcoming CCASTD Evanston Lunch Bunch on February 15th (what better Valentine?!).

Meeting Ken in Evanston is a great way - given a smaller audience - to get some of his time & attention.

Ken is also one of our facilitators for our online, facilitated CPLP Mastery Knowledge Exam prep course.

Those attending the ASTD International Conference & Exposition (ASTD ICE) here in Chicago, well, you'll have an opportunity to meet Ken too - he's presenting on the subject of measurement & evaluation at the conference.

BTW - if you would like a copy of Ken's article, please contact Ken directly. You'll find Ken's contact information contained within the article below.

Below is Ken's article on Developing Valid Level One Evaluations. Use the >> at the top right to view full screen. Hyperlinks appear hot, but they're not. Use the Text Select tool to copy & paste into the browser.

~ trish

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC
Twitter: @trishuhl | @cplpcoach

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