Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009 & CPLP Work Product

Ah - Inauguration Day 2009.

A country - hopeful and eager to move forward.

What a truly truly amazing day!

Sitting here, watching this momentous event unfold on television, I'm busy answering questions from other hopeful candidates around the world who are eager to move forward with their CPLP certification.

To do that, they must submit - and successfully pass - the Work Product submission phase of the credentialing process.

CPLP candidates are only eligible to participate in the Work Product submission phase once they pass the 150 multiple choice, computerized CPLP Knowledge Exam.

Whereas the Knowledge Exam covers subject matter from across the nine (9) Areas of Expertise (AOEs) as outlined in the 2004 ASTD Competency Model, the CPLP Work Product submission phase has each candidate focus on one AOE.

Work sample requirements and scoring criteria vary by AOE.

Even so, there is a standard approach candidates can take to select an appropriate project for their work product submission, regardless of AOE.

Here are my suggested three (3) steps:
  1. Review the CPLP Candidate Bulletin. Download and review a current copy of the CPLP Candidate Bulletin to ensure you're working from the most current information and requirements.
  2. Consider your project - Ask yourself the following questions to assess whether or not the project you have in mind is an appropriate submission: - Does it meet the evidentiary requirements? Meaning, can you produce the sample material required for your AOE? In the format required for your AOE? - Can you easily write about it? Equally important to your sample materials is your ability to articulate what you did, with whom you did it, why you took the approach you took, and what the outputs and outcomes were (and what you did with them).
  3. Locate your Challenge Questions in your email Inbox. You're going to need to spend some time with these to get your submission packet together. (While you're looking in your Inbox -you might as well make a copy of your official Exam Score Report, as you'll need to submit a copy of it as well.)

All in all, the Work Product submission phase centers on preparation in understanding the submission criteria, the packaging instructions, and assembling your final materials.

It is a rigorous process that 1 in 4 CPLP candidates fail!

If you're a CPLP candidate looking for help, Owl's Ledge is proud to offer a CPLP Work Product Coaching Program. Private and group coaching sessions are available.

Visit CPLP Work Product Coaching on CPLPCOACH.com for program details.

Change is in the air. Good things are ahead. Time to turn my attention back to the Inauguration celebration and candidate questions.

To hopeful CPLP candidates far & wide - best of luck in the coming weeks as you prepare for the Work Product or Knowledge Exam!

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP

CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC

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