Sunday, July 27, 2008

CPLP - Three Years Forward

It's three years forward since I first got involved with the Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) program - back in 2005 when the CPLP Pilot kicked off in late March, just after my birthday.

I sat the first ever CPLP knowledge-based exam in June 2005.

It was a busy, hectic year - I spent the spring participating in the pilot of a brand new professional certification and then spent the late summer/early fall getting married in Vancouver and honeymooning in Alaska.

People who know me - folks who were part of that original North American study group can tell you about the long conference calls and late nights agonizing over the program requirements and the high anxiety about the exam.

My husband could tell you about the time I spent on our honeymoon - from the suite in Vancouver, to the cruise ship sailing the Inside Passage, to snagging Internet and cell access in fits & starts during the land tour - in an effort to stay in touch with the frantic Pilot candidates who sat the exam in September 2005.

Yes, I am passionate about the CPLP - because of the competency model and the dedicated professionals it represents.

But that isn't the point.

The point here is that my husband was a patient man who supported my efforts with the CPLP from the very start. Not only supported them, but worked hard on elements of the Owl's Ledge materials as well - from proofing exam questions, to researching references and resources, to making me laugh when I wanted to sit down and put my head in my hands.

My heart breaks to say that my husband, Brian Haltom, passed away in early June this year.

Since then, I've been struggling with how to get going again.

Brian's illness and passing are the reasons I haven't written - either blog posts or Tips of the Week.

I've struggled with what to say - do I even say anything at all?

After weeks of turning it over in my head, yes, yes - I feel the need to speak on it.

So here I am - decision made - this is where I need to start.

If Brian were here, he'd smile and shake his head, and wander off to fix us each a cup of hot tea - knowing that I won't surface from my laptop again for at least a couple of hours...

So, to all of you, thank you - THANK YOU - the outpouring of support from the CPLP community worldwide has been inspiring and humbling. I am so very, very thankful for your kind words, positive energy, and good thoughts.

It is this sense of community - all of you who I have had the honour of meeting - that keeps me on this path - writing and exploring all things CPLP.

To those of you who are struggling, who may have entered the CPLP program and found that other elements of life have invaded - that your priorities have changed - honour them.

Honour yourself.

The program will be here - as will the growing CPLP community - when you are ready again to forge ahead.
Many, many good thoughts from me & mine to you & yours on this absolutely gorgeous day in Chicago.

I will see you all soon - here in this blog and at with new tips, articles, and videos.

Take good care -

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
Owl's Ledge LLC

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