Monday, June 02, 2014

4 Shortcuts to Getting Started with #CPLP Work Product

Hello everyone! 

Use these four (4) shortcuts to give your CPLP Work Product the right start by spending the time upfront that saves you time later – when you’re ready to submit!

1.    Read the CPLP Certification Handbook – understand what the specific requirements for your Area of Expertise (AOE) are, according to ASTD, for your Work Product.
2.    Create a timeline and task list (or project plan) – count backwards from the submission deadline (August 22) to determine what tasks need to be completed (and how long it will take) to put your submission together. Set realistic timeframes for assembling, compiling, and completing your submission so it is received on or before the deadline.
3.    Collect work samples (“evidence”) now – so you can identify gaps and refine submission materials later. Don’t worry about what’s “in or out” at this point – collect everything! You’ll sort through it as you go.

4.    Check out ‘CPLP Candidate Group’ on LinkedIn– for tips & tricks from past CPLP candidates and for helpful advice from current CPLP designees!

Visit the 'CPLP Candidate Group' on LinkedIn here:

~The Owl's Ledge Team 

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