Tuesday, December 03, 2013

ELW Day 2: Performance Conversations for Trainers & Other Learning Professionals

Celebrating ASTD Employee Learning Week - Day 2!

Long-time friend, colleague, and fellow CPLP Alwyn Klein recently facilitated an OUTSTANDING Webinar on the need for training professionals to develop and implement a performance mindset within the organizations they serve.

What does Alwyn know about making the shift from training & development to learning & performance?


After more than 15 years at his organization, Alwyn is currently Senior Manager for Learning & Performance at a large African mobile phone company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Alwyn has a Master's Degree in Psychology,  and is one of only a very few people in the world to hold both the ISPI Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) and ASTD Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) professional certifications. 

He has been instrumental in the support and development of his team - now boasting the largest population of ISPI CPTs outside of North America - and leading the very first cohort of delegates to take the CPLP Knowledge Exam on the continent of Africa.
Alwyn and his team deal with performance issues on a daily basis that, not only impact business results and "the bottom line," but also provide a lifeline of support to some of the poorest and most rural people on the planet.

The learning team's work environment is such that their ability to equip and empower others to performance is visibly vital to entire South African communities; where they can see - every day - that what they do as learning professionals matters.

But I'm jumping ahead! You'll just have to see for yourself in Alwyn's Webinar presentation entitled Finding our Personality: Getting to the ROOT of Workplace Learning AND Performance, featured below.  

From the Webinar organizer - Central Florida ASTD Chapter Web site:

"You will gain some ideas (should you embark upon the journey to Performance thinking) to spark critical thinking; enhance engagement in your organization and with customers;
and some effective planning, too.

You will also get a sense of how one training manager is far down the line in converting his training team to a learning and performance team.
We will explore the potential barriers and traps, the quick wins and benefits.

Most of all, you will get a view of some of the challenges facing the emerging markets and how Performance Improvement has assisted us to improve how we develop people.

At best - a roadmap towards Performance thinking; at worst - a fascinating glimpse into learning and performance in Africa.

WARNING! You cannot 'un-hear' the Performance Messages, so this session may change the way you see performance gaps forever."

Note: Adobe Flash Player is required to view the recording.

CLICK HERE to launch the Webinar recording Full Screen in a separate window.

SHOUT OUT to Nick Elkins at Artisan E-Learning for providing the Adobe Connect platform and to the Central Florida and Suncoast ASTD chapters for partnering to host the event! 


Don't you wish you could learn more from Alwyn about how he and his learning pro team made the transition from "order taker" to strategic partner?

You can! Just leave your questions & feedback below! 

I'll be sure to bring them to Alwyn's attention and post his replies.

Perhaps we can even persuade him to write a guest blog post... ;-)

To your success!

~ trish


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fascinating... breathtaking... demonstrative and proven analogies... antithesis on Training Need.... Thank You Trish and Thank You Alwyn | Please watch it out, it is worth spending 90 minute.

Anita, Passionista, Torres said...

What an awesome session that was! Thank you again Alwyn for sharing your experience and best practices with us. Glad to see we are leveraging this learning event. Thank you Trish