Thursday, July 18, 2013

ACTION REQUESTED: Need Your Feedback

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I know it has been a long time since the Owl's Ledge team posted anything, but there is a good reason. Over the past few months, Trish Uhl has been running around the world, continuing to make radical changes to the Learning & Performance profession. I've been welcomed so warmly by this community, and would like to increase the level support I provide to you all. 

I've spent the past year living, breathing, and working with the content of the CPLP certification. While I am blessed enough to work for a CPLP Pioneer who enthusiastically shares her wisdom and insight with me on a daily basis, I recognize this as a gift so few have the opportunity to utilize. Having watched Trish work with candidates day in and day out, I understand and appreciate that so much confusion exists around the question, "What is the CPLP?" 

With this in mind, I took the initiative to storyboard, design, script, and provide the narration for a video that answers that very question. I wanted to impart some of Trish's knowledge with the community at large in a focused, clear, and approachable way. This is my way of giving back to you, those who have already given me so much. 

I welcome and encourage you to critique and comment on this video in the "comments section" below. I would be honored to have your feedback about how I can continue to assist Trish in demystifying the certification process, and the Competency Model upon which it is based.

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Katelind


Larry Straining, CPLP said...

What a fun, creative way to introduce people to the CPLP. Great Job!

Sharon Wingron, CPLP said...

Well done Katelind! Lays out the basic definition, the process and resources. I'll look forward to linking to it to help others understand the CPLP!

Sharon Wingron, CPLP said...
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Katelind Hays said...

Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate it! Based on some information we've received from candidates & CPLPs, I'm making minor changes to the video and will be sending out an updated version.

Judy Serra said...

The content was excellent. The only things I would consider changing:
1. Don't overuse the WLP acronym.
2. Vary the graphics. The hand drawing was effective in the beginning, but at 3 minutes my interest started to wane a bit.
3. The audio was set at a higher level at the beginning and then it switched to a lower level at mid-point.

Judy Serra, CPLP

Anonymous said...

Katelind, As one who is familiar with the CPLP only through others who hold the certification, this does a great job of explaining the exam and the steps to achieving certification.
The only thing I would suggest you change, if you haven't already, is to state the meaning of WLP on your first reference. You said the words somewhere midstream in the presentation. Though most of us recognize the acronym I think it would be helpful to state it up front.

Renie McClay said...


Jason Durkee said...

Excellent resource. Thank you. (It must have been a ton of work to do all the drawing by hand.)
My quick two cents is:
1. Full of good information in a concise package, great.
2. The visuals keep viewers' attention. (This is probably just me, but actually I feel that I was so focused on the visuals and mentally building the picture in my mind as it was being drawn that I didn't retain all of the spoken content. But again, probably just my lack of mental processing ability and much better than the alternative of unappealing visuals.)
3. The speaking speed keeps things moving well, maybe a bit fast at times. The tone is upbeat and happy. For contrast maybe a bit more depth at times wouldn't hurt.
All and all: A great start. Thank you! Excited to see what else you'll come up with. Thanks for such an easy and clear introduction to CPLP.

Paul Safyan said...

I enjoyed watching the story drawn cartoon style, although I began to get a little bit bored after about 5 minutes with this as the only mode of presentation. I would like to be surprised in the middle,maybe with just a ringing cash register when you discuss pricing or a picture of a study group, even a cartoon one.

Is the audience potential candidates or to give employers an appreciation for the program? It does well if the first is your choice, as I think it is. When I read the email, I thought it was to market the certification to employers. That is needed, too, as I am sure Trish would agree.
A couple minor points: I don't know that everyone knows the acronym WLP. I think you need to define it.
Second, it may be worth pointing out that a non-member could actually save money on the full cost of the certification if they become a member for $199.
Finally, I think some buy-in type message needs to occur up front. The viewer should have a "grabber" for why they "should oughta wanta" go for this certification. Then the marketing piece for Owl's Ledge --"We're here to help"-- flows more naturally.
Thanks for "putting it out there" for the learning community.

Paul Safyan said...

After viewing the video a second time, I heard the "grabber" at the beginning more distinctly, but I think it could be stronger. I think your voice tone could be a little more enthusiastic here, as if to say, "This is the way you can prove your worth to yourself and others."

Jennifer Rogers said...

Love it! It was fun to watch, and I learned something I didn't know regarding the bit about what differentiates an occupation from a profession.

Rob Portnoy said...

Excellent overview - I particularly like the foundation established at the beginning describing the components of a profession which includes certification and stressed the global impact. It seamlessly moves into the competencies, the AOEs, and the certification requirements. Well done!

Trish said...

Thank you, all! REALLY GOOD feedback on Katelind's first video and we both appreciate it!

Katelind created this first piece as an experiment to figure out:

- How we can simplify communicating complex components of the CPLP certification to make the program requirements more easily understood by the CPLP committed and the curious.

- A project for Katelind to try her hand at video. :-)

She worked on this piece from conception, to storyboard; to selecting the visual elements and writing the script, to deciding on the style; through production, and publication.

Kinda BADASS, don't you think? ;)

She's got one more video that follows this style. We'll post it to the blog for feedback too.

I agree - I think the "scribe" style is a cool effect, to a point, but we need to switch it up with other options.

Any additional ideas on how we can make the CPLP concepts easier, please let us know!

Thanks again!

~ trish