Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ASTD Leaders Conference

I've just returned from the ASTD Leaders Conference (ALC) held every fall in the Washington DC area - and what a BLAST it was!

300+ ASTD Chapter Leaders from all over the country participating in a leadership conference by & for people who serve on the Board of Directors for the local ASTD chapters.

This year's theme was "Cruising to Chapter Excellence."

Kim Seeger- President, ASTD Baton Rouge - and I facilitated the Ship to Shore: Navigating the High Cs (Communication & Collaboration) session on Friday morning to a standing room only audience. What fun!

During the session, we used a dynamic online tool to poll the audience by sending their responses via SMS text messaging on their cell phones.

(We were the only session asking people to please turn their cell phones ON!)

We watched the poll results display - realtime! - on the LCD projector as the responses came in.

As promised, I've published the polls and their results here (note: these polls are now closed):

#1 Why is virtual team communication & collaboration critical to you as a chapter leader?

# 2 Name one thing [from our session] that you can put into action immediately.

Want to get in on the action?

Poll: What was your #1 takeaway from ALC?

Respond to the poll and watch the results appear here!

Choose ONE of the following methods to respond:
  • tweet @poll 16094 followed by your message
  • send a text message via your cell phone to 99503, include 16094 followed by your message
  • go to http://poll4.com/ include 16094 followed by your message

    Enjoy! And -- thank you for your participation!

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