Friday, September 22, 2006

Tips & Tricks for the Delivering Training AOE Work Product Submission

Here are some tips & tricks for those of you who picked Delivering Training as the AOE for your Work Product Submission:

CPLP Requirement: For Delivering Training, you will be required to submit (1) a videotape or CD of a 20-minute instructor-led class session or synchronous e-learning session and (2) a facilitator’s guide for the segment on the video or CD. In addition you will prepare responses to 8 questions about the recorded session.

Tip # 1: You can schedule a learning event with the intent of recording it for submission. In other words, you can create a learning environment that's conducive to meeting the criteria specified in the Delivering Training Work Product Submission criteria. That's perfectly permissable to do, as long as it's a real learning event -- real students there to learn something -- not just a room full of your friends & loved ones.

CPLP Requirement: The recorded learning session must provide clear, observable evidence of the interaction between the instructor and the learners, and the learners must be observable at least at the beginning of the learning session.

Tip # 2: One of the hardest things to do for this AOE is to come up with a 20 minute recording that provides evidence that meets all of the CPLP criteria, without editing the footage. Here's the trick -- although you're not allowed to edit the recording, you are allowed to turn the camera on & off as many times during the event as you need to in order to capture all of the necessary criteria in your 20 minutes of footage. You can use that technique to capture the bits of the training session that you need for your submission.

Tip # 3: DO NOT send a recording that is longer than 20 minutes. The evaluators will not watch it.

CPLP Requirement: A learning session is a short module within a longer learning event and must be synchronous instructor-led and must involve six (6) or more learners. The learning session must take place in an actual learning environment such as a classroom or Web-based setting.

Tip # 4: You must prove that the learning session met the minimum number of attendees. If your recording is instructor-led classroom, you must show the participants. If your recording is of a Webinar, the number of attendees in the 'room' must display on-screen as part of your recording.

Tip # 5: Yes, you have to get signatures of ALL participants. Yes, you have to get their signatures even if you don't say their names and even if you only show the backs of their heads. Contact ASTD CI for assistance if you absolutely, positively cannot get signatures of the participants and the project sponsors & collaborators.

CPLP Required Elements - To be observed 20-minute learning session recording

Project Relationships:

  • Created a positive learning climate
  • Defined goals, roles and responsibilities of the project

  • Conveyed objectives.
  • Linked objectives to on-the-job performance.
  • Managed the learning environment.

  • Aligned learning solutions with course objectives and learner needs.
  • Delivered various learning methodologies.
  • Facilitated learning.
  • Encouraged participation and built learner motivation.
  • Established credibility as an instructor.
  • Delivered constructive feedback.

  • Aligned learning solutions with course objectives and learner needs.
  • Monitored learner progress in learning acquisition.
  • Ensured learning outcomes.

Tip # 6: Have someone sit down with this list of requirements and review your recording. Can they find all of these elements your 20 minutes of footage?

~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
Owl's Ledge LLC

Submitted September 22nd, 2006 6:54am Central

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